Beautiful Israel Complex

A rare location in the heart of Israel's bustling conurbation

The area itself is pastoral and quiet, though just a few minutes' walk from the beating heart of Tel Aviv. Nearby are some important institutions – the Eretz Israel Museum, the Rabin Center, Tel Aviv University, the Tel Aviv Convention Center etc. more>

A cultivated urban space

The Beautiful Israel complex is identified with "the good life." Its setting is breathtaking, surrounded by flowers, greenery and the River. The Park is very well cared for, creating a wonderful landscape. The presence of numerous species of animals, relaxing in their natural habitat, is part of the experience. more>

The Council for a Beautiful Israel in the Park

The public activity identified with the Center throughout the year deals with environmental topics and sustainable development. It is an "iconic" building, well-known as the home of environment-supporting activities and the leader of ecological trends. more>

Building made accessible to the wider public

The Council for a Beautiful Israel has recently completed a special project and opened its gates to the general public, in order to extend its message. The central aim of the project is to convey to the public interesting ideas and important principles more>

The environmental benefits of the House and the Complex

Reducing energy consumption | reducing water consumption | maintaining and encouraging biological and natural diversity in cities | re-use and recycling | a green and surprising shop more>

Introduction to the Council for a Beautiful Israel

Our organization, which was established in 1968, is an environmental organization that strives to improve the quality of life. It is a Not-for-Profit Organization, and receives no government support. The Council for a Beautiful Israel can point to many achievements in the Israeli landscape: construction of large projects for the welfare of the public, including heritage sites, and the renovation and conservation of schools and urban complexes more>