What are we talking about?

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What is sustainability?

Sustainability is the ability to maintain a process or situation over the long term. In the environmental context, it refers to the ability of natural systems to continue operating in a stable manner, taking account of environmental, social and economic aspects. For this to happen, there must be a situation of equilibrium between the Earth's ability, in the long term, to maintain the ecological systems that support life on the planet, and the development and needs of the population that relies on these systems.


In the modern age, sustainability is an indispensable holistic goal. It concerns the potential for long-term human welfare, in social, economic and environmental terms. It demands proper management of both the environment and of consumption. In other words – we must consider the environment when making decisions about consumption, and try to avoid using natural resources and energy from depletable sources.


For most population groups on Earth, this is a matter of changing their outlook and changing their behavior.



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