A New place of wonder

Nov. 2015

Once, Mordillo's cartoons, such as skyscrapers playing golf or shepherds calmly herding sheep atop city roofs seemed like little more than humorous visions. But, today more and more roofs are being used to add green space to the city. The health, environmental and economic benefits are huge. In Israel this idea is still in its infancy. So, we chose to create a model project of our  – The Seven Species Roof Garden.

This unique, ecologically-oriented 2,000 square meter roof garden sits atop the Beautiful Israel Center in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park. It’s an inviting public space that offers visitors a measure of beauty and serenity along with a unique cultural and educational experience – a welcome respitefrom the bustle of the metropolis.

A fig tree at CBI's Seven Species Roof Garden

A fig tree at CBI's Seven Species Roof Garden

The Seven Species roof garden was created with sustainability in mind and includes a solar power station where the sun’s renewable energy is transformed into electricity, reducing air pollution and dependence on hydrocarbon fuels. It also features daylightamplifiers – innovative skylights that bring healthful, natural light into the building below, while filtering out UV radiation.

The Beautiful Israel Center is a uniquely “green” complex, dedicated to environmental education and activities for people of all ages, and home to the innovative Outlook multimedia visitors’ center.  Attracting more than 220,000 arrivals a year, the complex also includes a Conference Center and café, and is located within walking distance of the Eretz Israel museum, the Yitzhak Rabin center, the Israel Exhibition Center and Tel Aviv University. The roof garden is open to the public and, like the rest of the complex, is fully accessible. Whenever you’re around, make sure to visit us and enjoy this delightful creation.