Climate change trumps the boycott

mimashber-lekayamutCOP21, the UN climate conference held in Paris last year, resolved that "climate change represents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet". This decision spurred Emilio Nacamulli, President of Beautiful Israel in Rome, to take the initiative and organize an International conference on the subject. Because the broader debate on this subject largely overlooked the potentially destructive effects climate change can have on human life and health, the CBI Italy conference focused on the importance of preserving our eco-systems.


Led by Dario Coen, the President of Beautiful Israel Italy, all members of the organization were willingly enlisted in the effort, including a respected team of experts in various fields, as well as leading professionals and institutes from outside the Jewish community. Such cooperation should not be taken for granted: In the turbulent political climate of contemporary Europe — and Italy in particular – the BDS movement has been striving to undermine any collaboration with Israeli and Jewish orientation. The warm welcome extended to the conference resulted from the devoted efforts of the Beautiful Israel Italy team and their decisiveness in putting forth the argument that the impact of climate change cuts across all political, social and geographical borders.


The conference included three sessions in three separate venues – the University of Naples, Rome Tre University and an open panel in the Jewish Community Center in Rome. Among the participants were Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti; Prof. Marcelo Sternberg of Tel-Aviv University; Dr. Gianfranco Di Segni of the Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology, the National Research Council (and a member of the Italian Rabbinical College); David Meghnagi, director of the laboratory of clinical psychology and applied psychoanalysis; Ambassador Dan Haezrachy, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Israel; Fulvio Mamone Capria, President LIPU Onlus; Valentina Della Corte Professor University of Naples and coordinator Beautiful ISsrael in Napoli. Alberto Sonnino neuropsychiatrist University Tor Vergata, co founder Beautiful Israel Italy and Massimo Finzi, a physician and co founding member of Beautiful Israel Italy.


The Council for Beautiful Israel believes that this multidisciplinary approach and working to build civic consciousness based on respecting and protecting nature and the environment are critical for understanding our present situation and future perspectives.