Kudos for Public Transportation

Nov. 2015

What better way is there to bring attention to an important subject than to have Israel’s First Citizen praise it? And what better way is there to address an issue that directly concerns our quality of life? That’s why we selected public transportation as the leading theme of the 2015 Magshim* Award. 


Israel’s President – H.E. Mr. Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin in the middle, with former Minister and Chairman of CBI, Mr. Abraham Katz-Oz on his left granting the award to the Chairman of Egged, Mr. Avi Fridman

Every year, CBI presents a special award in the presence of the President of the State of Israel, honoring an individual or organization for an outstanding environmental achievement. The winner must excel in improving quality of life and the environment in Israel. On the same occasion, CBI’s Yakir** award is also granted — the highest honor for individuals demonstrating extraordinary vision, leadership and continuous support of the Council’s goals and those of the State of Israel.

Reliable and efficient public transportation is a contemporary necessity with tremendous impact on our quality of life — connecting people and providing access to various destinations, while also offering health and environmental advantages. It is a central pillar of the sustainable city.

The Magshim committee’s structured working method maps the various companies and organizations operating in this sector, identifying the source of information, choosing parameters and assigning their weight in final grading. 14 public transport companies were checked and rated. Well ahead in all parameters, Egged achieved the highest score and was selected for the award. For more on prize committee’s selection criteria, read here.

Former Minister and Chairman of CBI, Mr. Abraham Katz-Oz granted the award to the Chairman of Egged, Mr. Avi Fridman during a prestigious event in the presence of Israel’s President – H.E. Mr. Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin. The President told the overflow audience, "Alongside harsh and bitter reality, there is also a beautiful reality that has emerged from a major challenge. Sometimes it seems that in the complex reality of life in Israel there is no place for thoughts on aesthetics and quality of life. But, recent years have taught us that our standard of living is of great importance and is no longer a luxury".

*Magshim – one who realizes a vision   **Yakir – – a cherished, notable person