Take Off with Beautiful Israel in the Green –

October 2015

 Did you know…?


Thorny on the outside, soft and sweet within, the Sabra (prickly pear) has come to symbolize the Israeli personality. But, these cacti actually originate in the deserts of North America and they were brought here to be used as live fences as well as for their tasty fruit.

Another surprise: the citrus fruits so closely associated with Israeli agriculture are also not native to this land.  They were brought here in olden times by Arabs who traveled the region. But Jaffa (part of today’s Tel Aviv-Jaffa) would become a world famous citrus growing center and brand.

Israel is home to some 2,800 plant species — most typically Mediterranean, some from the desert, some from abroad and some typical only of Israel. The Council for a Beautiful Israel brings together just a fraction of this natural wealth in its newest album, “Beautiful Israel in the Green”.


This album was the inspiration for a breathtaking photographic exhibition at Ben-Gurion International Airport. Walking the 200 meters from passport control to the duty-free shops, some 16 million departing passengers yearly encounter 47 stunning images of plants and flowers from around Israel chosen carefully from the album. They form a rich visual fabric whose variety mirrors the country’s ethnic, social, religious and cultural diversity.


Make sure to check out “Beautiful Israel in the Green” on your next trip to Israel – or visit the web site: http://green.israel-yafa.org.il/en/home.