Time for a fresh new Outlook…

October 2015 

After long process of planning, designing, writing, photography, editing and construction, CBI’s new Outlookvisitors’ center – OUTLOOK recently opened its doors, offering the public a unique perspective on today’s environmental and sustainability challenges.

Located in the CBI complex by the banks of the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv, OUTLOOK is an enriching, value-based multimedia experience that expands visitors’ horizons, helping them understand the importance of preserving and beautifying the natural environment and their own role in taking personal responsibility for it.

Appearing on OUTLOOK’S screens, popular Israeli showbiz personalities and celebrities guide visitors through audiovisual exhibits, interactive learning stations and video art, all set within original décor made of recycled materials. At the conclusion of the visit, interactive stations let visitors star in their own, personalized souvenir video clips, suitable for posting on social media. Afterwards, an innovative museum shop offers a wide range of environmentally-related items.

Intended for the general public, OUTLOOK’S content is presented at eye-level, an enjoyable experience for adults and youngsters, alike. OUTLOOK can also be presented with English or Arabic translation.

Visitors can also enjoy the CBI center’s unique roof-top garden and refreshments in the "Green Point" Café-restaurant facing the river. The entire complex is disabled accessible.

Easy to reach by foot, bicycle, private car and public transportation, Outlook is open 7 days a week. For more details check out our web site at: http://www.outlook.org.il/