Tablets in the Stream


What better way to bring students of geography and the environment closer to their subject than by harnessing some of their most popular technologies — tablet computers, apps and WI-FI – to scientific research?


december 2015-1

By combining field trips with advanced location-based technologies, an original educational program developed by CBI’s Center for Environmental Studies connects students to the ecosystem of HaYarkon stream that flows by CBI headquarters in the heart of Tel Aviv.


Divided into small groups and equipped with binoculars and tablet computers, the students investigate four subject areas – water, urban nature, noise pollution and urban open spaces. They measure and gather data with the help of on-line observation reports, Google-based scientific surveys, noise measurement apps, aerial photographs and tools for identifying soil uses – along with digital fauna and flora identifiers developed by CBI. This approach enables all groups to share their findings on-line, in real-time, with their fellow students and teachers, providing the basis for further analysis and comparison.


With the prospect of reaching thousands of students every year, this unique program enables young researchers to obtain a comprehensive picture of the ecosystem of the HaYarkon stream and its surrounding urban park – and a deeper understanding or the factors that influence them. It provides students with a meaningful learning experience that enables them to write proper academic research papers.